Work Order Lifecycle

Work Orders Lifecycle Work Orders are a key element in any company’s efforts towards  organized labor, operations control, and good service levels for its  clients. From its creation to its closure or archiving, every Work Order  follows a predefined cycle where specific events take place and important information is added and updated. Though we know […]

Work Order Using Checklists

Using Checklists In Sweven, checklists are an accessory tool in Work Orders that enable your technicians to see and modify a fixed list of items when servicing a site. Checklists are useful to keep a set of steps consistently across multiple routine jobs, or simply as a guideline for your crews to keep handy. System […]

Work Order Notes and Email Notes

Notes and Email Notes Notes are a key part of Sweven, Notes are a key part of Sweven, not only for keeping updates on a particular Work Order, but also to stay communicated with clients, vendors, and on-site staff. For users who can’t log in to Sweven to stay updated or require specific events to […]

Work Order Management

Creating a service order When creating a Service Order, there are key mandatory fields that must be filled before saving; these fields are marked with an asterisk (*). Create Work Order Fields You will notice most fields can be set with a pick-list dropdown. For written fields like Client, the available choices will be suggested […]

Pipeline Management

Introduction Using Pipeline to supervise your operators Sweven’s Pipeline features a horizontal queue of steps for Work Orders to follow, giving everyday operations users and higher level supervisors a handy interface to visualize what’s happening, and what should happen next. For example, Work Orders in progress should be supervised to make sure the technicianhas all […]

Login and Account Management

Login To access an existing Sweven account, you’ll be required to input your  username (an email address) and password. ● Provided via email or by your administrator If you forgot your password, click “Forgot Password” to reset it. You’ll be  required to input your username. Please note that the email with your new password will […]

Creating your Sweven account

Creating your Sweven account. Watch this video tutorial. 1 Step 1: Go to 2 Step 2: Type your email address and then click “Register” 3 Step 3: You will receive a confirmation email, click on 4 Step 4: Fill in all the fields and then click “Create account” 5 Step 5: You will be […]

Calendar Management

Calendar In the Calendar, all Work Orders are displayed according to their SO Deadline. Each card in the calendar represents a Work Order with its ticket number, priority, address and subject. Cards are also shown in different colors depending on the status of the Work Order. This helps easily identify the status of the work […]